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Mosque of Muhammad Ali, Cairo


Special thanks to colleagues at the International Academic Partnership of the Aga Khan Education Service, Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts. 


NITLE site on Arab Culture and Civilization

BBC's "Islam Around the World"

World Factbook (CIA)

Library of Congress Country Studies

Islamic Server at USC

Mission Islam

Muslim Review Online

Islamic Calendar for North America

The Qur'an Database

The Hadith Database


Howard University Library Websites on Islam

Middle East Virtual Library

MERIA: Middle East Review of International Affairs

Islamic Studies, Professor Alan Godlas, University of Georgia

Study of Islam Section, American Academy of Religion

al-Khazina -- Princeton University site

History 480, Phillips Academy, Andover

M. Cherif Bassiouni, "Introduction to Islam"

Internet Islamic History Sourcebook


Muslim Students Association, University of Buffalo

ARAMCO World Magazine

Bidoun Online Magazine

Avalon (Yale) Project: Primary Texts in Law and Diplomacy

Documents on Palestine, 1916-1999

United Nations Documents

Middle East Studies Association (MESA)

MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute)

The Near East Collection at Yale

Professor Juan Cole's Middle East Links

Middle East Times (Egypt Edition)

University of Texas Middle East Links

 Links through Nida'ul-Islam

The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Islamic Gateway

Haqqani Sufi Foundation

Other Sufi Websites

Islamic Religion, Art, Arabic Language

Manuscripts from Mali

Association for Middle East Women's Studies

Amnesty International and the Middle East

Harvard Center for Middle East Studies

Islam in the United States

Additional Resources at Middle East History Database

Maps at Middle East History Database

Islamic Networks Group (resources for teachers)

Islamic Finder:  Muslim Times of Prayer, Calendar, and Other Resources

Hajj Resource Guide

BBC page on Hajj

Kefaya ("Enough!") Reform Movement in Egypt

"Heal the Rift" (organization started by students at Middlebury College committed to healing the divisions between Muslims and Non-Muslims)



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