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1744: Saudi-Wahhabi alliance forged.

1773:  Saudis capture Riyadh.

1905: Saudi-Ottoman Treaty.

1924: Wahhabi raid.

1926: Ibn Saud proclaimed king of Hijaz.

1929: Saudis put down Wahhabi rebellion.

1931: American phlianthropist Charles Crane is invited to Saudi Arabia to search for water (he finds oil instead).

1932: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia formed.

1933: ARAMCO.  

1938: Americans strike oil in S. Arabia.

1945: Saudi-American alliance.

1953: Death of King Abd al-Aziz, accession of King Saud.

1957: Eisenhower Doctrine.

1960: OPEC formed.

1962: Muslim World League.

1964: King Saud is forced to abdicate.

1969: Organization of the Islamic Conference.

1975, March 25: King Faisal is assassinated by a nephew.

1979: Great Mosque in Mecca seized by Wahhabi dissidents (Sunni Saudi claim to leadership of Islam worldwide challenged by Shiite Iran). More on Iran. See also origins of Sunni-Shia Fitna ("civil strife").

1982: Death of King Khalid, accession of King Fahd.

1987: Hajj riots (Shia again challenge Saudi Sunni authority). 

1990: U.S. troops deployed to Saudi Arabia to defend against Saddam Hussein.

1994: Buraydah Uprising: Wahhabi dissidents.

1995: Riyadh bombing: U.S. military targeted.

1996, June 26:  A massive truck bomb kills U.S. soldiers in Dharan.

2001:  September 11 and Saudi citizens.

2002, March: The government absolves its religious police from blame in the deaths of schoolgirls barred from escaping a burning school because they were not properly covered.

2002, August: U.S. families of victims killed in 9/11 attacks sue Saudi government. 

2002, October 29:  Saudi prince urges kingdom to embrace globalization. 

2003, May 12:  Riyadh bombing targets foreigners. 

2003, September:  American troops pull out of Saudi Arabia. 

2003, November 9:  Bombing in Riyadh targets foreigners.

2004, April 24:  Attack on security headquarters in Riyadh.

2005, August 1:  King Fahd dies and is succeeded by Crown Prince Abdullah.

2005, November: Tensions between religious conservatives and reformers.

2006, April: Talks on Oil Deal Between China and Saudi Arabia.

2007, November: Controversy over woman sentenced in a rape case.

2008, March: Saudis to retrain 40,000 imams in efforts to promote religious tolerance.

** See also The Wahhabi Movement


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