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Origins of the name "Palestine"

The Arab-Israeli Wars



Palestinian Intifadas:      1987, 2000

Summer 2006 War
Peace Initiatives
Jerusalem's Holy Sites

1858, 1867: Ottoman Period Land and Tax Reforms.

1915-1930: World War I and Aftermath

1915: British Promises to the Arabs.

1916: Sykes-Picot Agreement.

1917: Balfour Declaration.

1919: King-Crane Commission.

1928-1929: "Wailing Wall" Disturbances.

1935, November 20: Death of Sheikh Izz al-Din al-Qassam.

1936-1938: Arab Revolt.

Later Mandate Period (1930-1947)

1947, November 29: United Nations Partition Plan.


1948: First Arab-Israeli War.

1948, December 11: U.N. Resolution 194.

1953: Ariel Sharon's "Unit 101."

1956: Second Arab-Israeli War.

1957: Fatah founded.

1964: Creation of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

1967, June: Third Arab-Israeli War.

1967, July: Allon Plan to hold on to occupied territories.

1967, November 22: U.N. Resolution 242.

1968, March 21: Battle of Karameh.

1969: Fatah becomes leading faction of PLO.

1969, November: "The Cairo Agreement," a pact between Lebanon and the PLO.

1970: "Black September."

1973, October 6-26: Fourth Arab-Israeli (Yom Kippur/Ramadan) War.

1973, October 22: U.N.  Resolution 338.

1974 to 1989

1974, November 22:  U.N. 3236 rules Jordan has no legal rights to West Bank.

1975-1989: Civil War in Lebanon.

1976, March 30:  "Land Day" demonstrations.

1978: Palestinian-American scholar Edward Said publishes Orientalism.

1980, July 2: Israeli militants attack two West Bank mayors.

1985, February 11: Amman Agreement.

1987-1993: First Intifada. 

1987: HAMAS founded.

1988, November 15: Palestinian leadership proclaims a state.

1988, July 30: Jordan's King Hussein disavows all Jordanian claims to sovereignty in the West Bank.  (more on Jordan)

1989, May 2: PLO Chairman Arafat says clause in charter calling for Israel's destruction is "null and void."

1990-1992:  Gulf Wars Period (1990-1992)

1991: Madrid Conference.

1993-1994: Oslo Period

1993: Oslo Peace Accord   Assessment of Oslo.

1994, July1: PLO Chairman Arafat returns to geographical Palestine.

1994, July 17: "Bread Intifada."


1996, January 20: Arafat is elected President.

1998: Wye Plantation Agreement.


2000, July: Failure at Camp David.

2001, January: Arafat turns down deal brokered by President Clinton.

2000-2005:  Second Intifada.

2001-2002 Post Nine-Eleven

2001, October 2: President Bush calls for the creation of a Palestinian state.


2003, April: "Roadmap" Peace Plan.

2003, October: Geneva Accord.

2004, April: U.S. Reversal on Settlements.

2004, November 11: Death of Yasir Arafat.


2005, January:  Mahmoud Abbas elected President.

2005, February 8:  Sharm al-Sheikh Truce.

2005, August: Israeli Withdrawal from Gaza.

2005, October 20: President Bush reaffirms U.S. commitment to create a Palestinian state.

2005, October: Truce ends, outbreak of new violence.

2005, December: HAMAS posts big wins in municipal elections. More on HAMAS.

2005 - 2007: Political crisis in the Palestinian Territories.

2006, March 14: Israel raids Palestinian jail in Jericho.

2006, April 17: Palestinian suicide bombing in Tel Aviv.

2006, May 12: Muslim clerics meeting in Doha, Qatar issue a call saying no part of historic Palestine should be given up or negotiated away.

2006, May 15: The PLO opens an office in Beirut after twenty-four year hiatus.

2006, Summer: War with Israel.

2007, February 9: Rioting at al-Aqsa.

2008, Winter-Spring: Spiraling violence between Gaza and Israel and worst humanitarian crisis in Gaza since the 1967 war.

2008, June:  Israel-HAMAS six month truce begins.

2008, December 27: New Israeli offensive in Gaza commences.


See also IsraelPeace Initiatives in the Arab-Israeli Conflict, and BBC: Israel and the Palestinians in Depth, and BBC: "Passions That Shape Life in Jerusalem"


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