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669-718: Muslim jihad on Christian Byzantium.

710: Tariq Ibn Malik conducts raids into Spain.

732: Charles Martel halts northward expansion of Muslims.

756: Revival of Umayyad Caliphate in al-Andalus (Spain).

820: Muslim conquest of Sicily.

844: Muslims raid Rome.

858: Muslims raid Byzantium.

1085: Muslims lose Toledo.

1087: By this date, Arab medicine is being taught in Salerno.

1236: Muslims lose Cordoba.

1238: Construction begins on the Alhambra in Granada.

1389: Battle of Kosovo.

1453: Ottomans conquer Constantinople.

1469: Christian unification of Aragon and Castille.

1480-1481: Ottomans occupy southern Italy.

1486: Latin translation of al-Razi's Arabic Medical Encyclopedia appears in Europe.

1492: Fall of Muslim Granada to the Christians.

1529: First Ottoman siege of Vienna.

1531: Second Ottoman siege of Vienna.

1571: Battle of Lepanto.

1593-1606: Ottoman wars against the Hapsburgs.

1648: Peace of Westphalia.

1683: Third (final) Ottoman siege of Vienna.

1791: Treaty of Sistova.

1800s: European colonialism in the Middle East and Africa.

1821-1829: Greek war of independence from the Ottomans. (See also: Ottomans jettison jihadist ideology.)

1912-1913: The Balkan Wars.

1920s-1940s: French and British Mandate rule in the Middle East - 1920-30 ; 1930-1947.

1956: France and Great Britain join Israel in attacking Egypt.

1972: Palestinian commandos attack Israeli Olympic team in Munich.

1978-1979: Exiled Iranian cleric Ayatollah Khomeini lives in Paris.

1985: Abu Nidal attacks Vienna and Rome.

1989, Feb. 14: Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini issues fatwa on the life of London based writer Salman Rushdie.

1992: War in Bosnia.

1995, July: Massacre of Muslims in Srebrenica.

1995, October: Wave of terror bombings in Paris (term "Londonistan" coined). (see also)

1995: Ibn Warraq publishes Why I am Not a Muslim.

1997: Enes Karic on Bosnia as part of Europe.

1998, February: French Muslim philosopher Roger Garaudy prosecuted for denying the Holocaust.

1998, September: Fighting breaks out in Kosovo.

2002, May 6: Murder of Pim Fortuyn in the Netherlands highlights growing clash of cultures there.

2003, January: Germany bans Muslim group Hizb al-Tahrir for violating laws against anti-Semitism. (More on Hizb al-Tahrir)

2003, January 23: Raid on London's Finsbury Park Mosque.

2003, June: Controversy in France over Muslim women and the veil.

2004, March 11: Madrid bombings.

2004, October 12: Germany deports radical Muslim cleric Metin Kaplan back to Turkey and awakens to the multicultural gulf beginning to divide its society.

2004, November 2: Slaying of Theo Van Gogh in the Netherlands. (See also Ayaan al-Hirsi below)

2005: Term "Eurabia" popularized. (see also)

2005, July 7: Bombings in London. (see also arrests in Canada)

2005, October: Riots in France.

2006, February-March: Cartoon controversy. (see also)

2006, May: Liberal MP Ayaan al-Hirsi in trouble in the Netherlands.

2006, June: Pew survey shows deepening suspicions between Muslims and the West.

2006, August: Bomb plots in the United Kingdom and Germany broken up.

2006, mid September: Pope's remarks spark uproar among Muslims worldwide. (see also)

2006, late September: Debate over German production of a Mozart opera and French teacher goes into hiding after death threats. Former British Foreign Secretary suggests Islam may not be compatible with modern European values.

2006, November 9: Great Britain's leaders warn of formidable terror threats.

2006, November: Dutch weigh ban on face coverings.

2006, November: Pope Benedict XVI tours Turkey and calls for Muslim countries to grant full rights to non-Muslims to practice their faiths.

2006, December: EUMC report on state of Europe's Muslims.

2007, May: Walter Laqueur's new book attacking liberal European immigration policies.

2007, May: Campaign to ban minarets in Switzerland.

2007: Swiss Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan comes under fire. (see also Ruthven article below).

2007, November: Moderate Muslim leaders in Britain propose steps to fight extremism.

2008, February: Archbishop of Canterbury proposes incorporating some Sharia law into civil law code.

2008, February: New controversy in Netherlands over alleged desecration of Qur'an.

2008, March 23 (Easter Sunday): Pope baptizes Muslim into Roman Catholic Church.

2008, June: Europe's problems assimilating and accepting the Muslims in its midst.

2008, June: France denies citizenship to Muslim woman wearing the veil.

2008, December:  Islamic revivalism on the rise in Bosnia.

2009, January 21:  Dutch MP Geert Wilders charged with defaming Islam.

2009, June: French President Sarkozy calls for ban on wearing of full body veil. 

2009, August: German song lyric controversy.


See BBC "Muslims in Europe" page.

See also Adonis on the veil controversy in France (2003).

See also "Wars of Words and Images."


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