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Twelfth Century BCE: Egypt makes war on Libya.

Seventh Century BCE: Phoenicians settle in Tripolitania (western Libya).

331 BCE: Greeks colonize Cyrenaica (eastern Libya) and confer the name "Libya" on the region.

74 BCE: Rome conquers Libya.

533 CE: Libya is absorbed into the Byzantine Empire.

643: The Arab army of Amr Ibn al-As conquers Libya in the name of Islam.

1551: Libya is absorbed into the Ottoman Empire.

1801: Tripoli (Libya) declares war on the United States.

1911-1912: Italy conquers Libya.

1923: Beginning of Second Italo-Sanusi War (first took place during World War I).

1931: Second Italo-Sanusi War ends with execution of Libyan freedom fighter Umar Mukhtar.

1942: Allies liberate Libya. French and British administer the region.

1952: Libya becomes an independent kingdom under King Idris al-Sanusi.

1956: American oil companies are granted a concession to explore in Libya.

1969: A military coup overthrows the monarchy. Colonel Muamar Qaddafi takes power.

1971: Libya nationalizes British oil interests.

1973: Libya seizes American oil interests.

1974: Libya nationalizes American oil companies.

1975: Qaddafi publishes The Green Book.

1977: Qaddafi declares a "People's Revolution" in Libya.

1979, December 2: Libyan mob overruns U.S. embassy.

1980: Libya courts Billy Carter, U.S. President Carter's brother.

1981, May 6: The United States breaks off diplomatic relations with Libya.

1981, August 19: The U.S. shoots down two Libyan warplanes.

1986, April: The U. S. bombs Tripoli and Benghazi.

1988, December 21: A bomb blows Pan Am Flight 103 out of the sky over Lockerbie, Scotland. Libya implicated.

1989, January 4: The U.S. jets shoots down two Libyan fighter planes.

2002, April 30: Libya agrees to pay compensation to families of victims of Pan Am 103.

2003, December 19: Libya announces it is abandoning its weapons of mass destruction program.

2006, February: Libya makes overtures to American oil companies.

2006: May 16: Libya and the United States announce they are resuming diplomatic relations.

2007: July: A case involving foreign health workers is resolved.

2007, October: Libya elected to term on UN Security Council.

2008, September 5:  U.S. Sec. of State Rice visits Libya.


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