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ca. 85 B.C.E. Ancient roots: Nabateans and Petra.

1915: Husayn-McMahon Correspondence.

1916:  Beginnings of Modern Jordan, Sykes-Picot Agreement.

1918: British assume control over Jordan (known then as "Transjordan").

1919: American King-Crane Commission recommendations.

1921: Cairo Conference, Abdullah designated "Amir" of Transjordan.

1924: Wahhabi raids. 

1925, May 25: Anglo-Jordanian Treaty separates Transjordan from Palestine Mandate.

1937: Peel Commission recommends partition of British Mandate.

1939-1956: Arab Legion led and trained by British General "Glubb Pasha."

1945: Transjordan participates in formation of Arab League.

1946: "Jordan" becomes an independent kingdom, Abdullah crowns himself king.

1947: Britain divests itself of League of Nations mandate, U.N. Partition Plan for Palestine, and Abdullah's secret talks with the Jewish Agency.   Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran.

1948: War with Israel, Jordan gains control of West Bank.

1950: Jordan formally annexes the West Bank.

1951, July 20:  Assassination of King Abdullah, accession of King Talal.

1952, August 11: King Talal deposed, accession of King Hussein.

1953: Israeli attack on Qibya.   Founding of Hizb al-Tahrir. 

1958, May 12: Jordan and Iraq agree to a union (based on that of Egypt and Syria)

1958, July: Attempted coup against King Hussein broken up.

1960 and 1962:  Egypt tries and fails to assassinate King Hussein.

1965: Israeli raids on West Bank.

1966: Israeli raids on West Bank.

1967: War with Israel, Jordan loses West Bank.  

1968, March 21: Battle of Karameh.

1970, August:  Rogers Plan to end War of Attrition.

1970, September:  "Black September," PLO flees to Beirut.

1974, November:  U.N. rules Jordan has no legal rights to West Bank.

1982: Jordan implicated in Hama Uprising.

1985, February 11: Jordan and PLO sign "Amman Agreement."

1988, July 30: King Hussein disavows all Jordanian claims to sovereignty over the West Bank.

1994: Jordan signs peace treaty with Israel.

1996: Bread riots.

1997: Jordan and Israel argue over water.

1999: Death of King Hussein, accession of King Abdullah II.

2002, May: New divorce law permits women to initiate divorce from husbands.

2002, November:  Queen Rania provokes row over citizenship for Palestinians.

2004, November 10: King Abdullah issues his "Amman Message."

2004, December 7: King Abdullah II warns against spreading Iranian "crescent" of influence in the region.

2005, March:  King Abdullah II proposes that Arab governments normalize relations with Israel.

2005, April 8: New reformist government appointed.

2005, August 19: Missile attacks on Aqaba and Eilat.

2005, November 9: Suicide bomb attacks in Amman.

2006, September 4: Attack on tourists in Amman.

2006, November, 27: King Abdullah warns of three-prong civil war and calls for regional peace process.

2007, November: Islamists sustain big losses in parliamentary elections.


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